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Reach out to law students in India.

      If you have a course, a product or service for law students in India and you want to advertise on law blog then the best way to reach or advertise and market to a potential client or law students is through

      Welcome to the advertisement page of the On this page, you will discover all the advertising solutions available on our website which will allow you to promote your products effectively or to increase brand awareness.

Why advertise with us?
                                                On our website, we have users from all over the INDIA and even from the outside INDIA, that is especially targeted and trusted LAW students and persons related to the legal profession.
         Here, if you advertise with us, you may get a high conversion rate for your product.

Can I reach to specific users by advertising here?
                                                                                          Yes, we provide you specifically targeted users related to the legal profession and law students who may buy your services, products, courses, etc.

Status of the website as per the Google Analytics:-
Status of Monthly users:-

Users:-                                              27.1 K
Sessions:-                                         40.7 K
Page Views:-                                    56.7 K
Avg. Session Duration:-                   02:32

Organic Search:-           87.7%
Direct:-                          11.6%

other from social media or other sources  -  0.5%

How much does the advertisement space cost?
                                                                                        It mostly depends on the area where you want to advertise or on any other factor, but it might not be as expensive as you think.

How can I contact you?
                                             You can contact us here:   CLICK HERE.
Email address:-

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