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Guidelines for guest posting
  1. We only accept genuine and hand typed article. And we have a strict policy against plagiarism.
  2. The number of the words should not be less than 600 words. 
  3. Post that’s been covered on our website before will not be acceptable. Please look at our website article section before submitting your articles. 
  4. We do not accept submissions sent to several publications, as we prefer not to reproduce material available elsewhere. 
  5. We do not allow you to republish your guest post to your blog or elsewhere. 
  6. Only guest post related to our website niche are acceptable, means related to the law. 
  7. A roughly bio with details about your role in law. 
  8. The article should help the audience understand what’s new, what’s important, etc,. And it should be easy to read for the audience. 
  9. The article should have at least one images and it shouldn’t have any publicity. 
  10. The article should be free from grammatical error. 
  11. Use heading1, heading2, etc. 
  12. Update your description and image in the author’s profile (updated profiles attract a better viewership). 
  13. Please tell us if your article has been published elsewhere on the web or in print, providing links if possible. 

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