From Courtroom to Victory: The 5 Pieces of Evidence You Need for Custody Litigation

Many custody issues can arise with a child’s parents, grandparents, and with other relatives in different cases like paternity cases, marriage dissolutions, and guardianship are among. One of the parents will indeed get the child custody but it particularly relies on what evidence you put in court. Evidence is the strongest part of any court issue. The evidence should support the present court procedures and you should be ready with the evidence to win the custody battle. We are sharing 5 key pieces of evidence which you must have during the custody case.

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What is Law and Morality in Jurisprudence || Jurisprudence ||

In this article, we are going to discuss what is law and morality, what is the difference between law and morality, what is the relation between law and morality, and what theories or debates have been given by jurists in the past time. Let’s begin

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What is Substantive and Procedural Law? Substantive Law vs Procedural Law

Procedural law governs the functioning of a specific case by following the step-by-step procedure that the case follows. Conversely, Substantive law can be defined as one that consists of statutory rules passed by the legislature through a process of enactment regulating the conduct of individuals. It deals with the definitions and facts of the crime, law, wrong, etc.

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