What is Substantive and Procedural Law? Substantive Law vs Procedural Law

Procedural law governs the functioning of a specific case by following the step-by-step procedure that the case follows. Conversely, Substantive law can be defined as one that consists of statutory rules passed by the legislature through a process of enactment regulating the conduct of individuals. It deals with the definitions and facts of the crime, law, wrong, etc.

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Caveat under CPC || Sec. 148-A ||

To avoiding ex-parte orders or judgments in civil proceedings the CPC has provided right to a person, called a caveat. Caveat Petition is explained under section 148-A of the civil procedure code, 1908.  Caveat petition is defined as a precautionary measure taken by a person, one who has a great fear or nervousness, that some of the other cases against him or her are going to be filed in the court of law relating to any manner.

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