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Differences between Natural Person and Legal Person || Jurisprudence ||

Differences between Natural Person and Legal Person || Jurisprudence ||

           In this article, we are going to discuss, what are the differences between the Natural Person and Legal Person under legal personality in Jurisprudence.
Let’s begin.

Sr. No.
Natural Person
Legal/Artificial Person

Natural Person is a human being and is a real and living person.
Legal Person is being, real or imaginary whom the law regards as capable of rights and duties.

He has power of thought, speech, and choice.
Legal Person has no such power of thought, speech and choice.

He is also a legal person and accordingly performs their functions.
Legal person perform their functions through natural persons only.

These are not considered as Natural person; unborn, dead man, and lower animals etc.
But unborn, dead man, idiots, corporations, companies, idols, etc. are treated as legal persons in law.

Natural person can live for a limited period. As per general presumption, he cannot live more than 100 years.
Legal person can live more than 100 years even for indefinite period. Like “East India Company” was established in sixteenth century in London, and now still is in existence.

Slaves were also natural persons.
In older law, slaves were not recognized as persons.

There are no different varieties of natural person.
There are different varieties of legal persons, like Corporations, Companies, Universities, President, Societies, Municipalities, Gram Panchayats, etc.

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